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Fan Series Preview Post

Crossposted to gqmf_heroes :

Phew! Hello all. I'm here under my distribution name to provide some semblance of anonymity for myself, since I'm attaching my RL face and name to this project. But those of you on my fandom flist have definitely heard about this project after months and months of my obsessive blather about it.

In January of 2010, I began production on a Heroes fan series called Zodiac. It takes place ten years before the canon series, and focuses on some new characters, as well as some familiar faces like a college-aged Isaac Mendez. I held auditions, got a cast and crew, we worked our asses off filming for two months. And here we are today, with the first half of season one being launched this summer.

The series launches June 14th, and I've got some images and a trailer to give you a preview of what it's all about.

The link to the trailer on Vimeo is here

Inspired by NBC's drama 'Heroes', 'Zodiac' is an experimental prequel produced by students at the College of Charleston. It follows a fraternity of empaths, those who absorb the abilities of others, led by one immortal Morgan Dread. Her path soon entwines with a young Isaac Mendez due to their abilities, while Isaac's friend Roscoe is trying to find his place as he discovers his own empathetic powers, and is offered a position as the Zodiac's newest member.

Some more links:
Facebook Fan Page
Blip.TV Channel

And I'll have an LJ comm up soon if that's your preferred method of following news =) 

Thank you so much everyone whose supported me and cheerleaded me through this process, and a thank you in advance to anyone who tries out the series. *blows kisses* I'll be back on June 14th with episode one!




June 2011


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